Added to MtTBR - The Burning, Sue Walker

THE BURNING is Sue Walker's fourth book (THE REUNION, THE RECKONING and THE DEAD POOL are the first three).  I've been reading them since the first book and whilst this isn't a series as such, there's been an improvement in each of the books that I'm enjoying following.  Sort of a bit of a sneak up group of books these.

From the Blurb:

Murray Shaw has bought his dream home:  the imposing St Margaret's House in the exclusive Edinburgh district of Corstorphine.  However, for his wife Rowan, his dream is about to become her nightmare.  Because St Margaret's House has a dark past.  And, unknown to Rowan, that's exactly why Murray bought it.  Forty years earlier Murray's school friend Angus lived in the house until his shocking death in an unexplained arson attack.

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