Unmaking a Murder

Announcing the 2018 Ned Kelly Award Winners (or what we did with our weekend (and a few hours before that ;) )

So on the weekend we (as in the ACWA Committee - Rochelle Jackson, Robert Goodman, David Whish-Wilson, Louisa (LA) Larkin, Andrea Thompson, Jacqui Horwood, Deb Crabtree, Georgina Heydon, Meg Vann and I) did a thing. The 2018 Ned Kelly Awards were presented, and I cannot tell you how pleased we are every year to see these awards continuing from strength to strength, acknowledging the best and brightest in our Crime Writing Community giving us a chance to wave certificates, trophies and prize envelopes under their noses.

Round up of the shortlists for the 2018 Ned Kelly Awards

My round up of the 2018 Ned Kelly Awards shortlist is now at Newtown Review of Books