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Crime Fiction

Justice is a suicidal teenager who has suffered abuse at the hands of her father all her life. When her father attacks her she violently stabs him, causing his death. 

Unable to face the reality of what she has done, Justice leaves her father's body to rot in her bedroom. The police investigate but she evades detection. Seeking a fresh start she recreates herself by wearing new clothes and makeup, determined not to be hurt again. 

Her involvement with a Science teacher leads to fellow students bullying and teasing her. 

JoJo Publishing
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Sarah Ciacia

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Ciacia, Sarah

Sarah Ciacia was born in 1979 and grew up in Kingsbury, Melbourne. Currently, she lives with her beloved golden retriever, Happy, who is a constant distraction from writing. When not writing she works as a full-time proofreader and has a fondness for indoor hobbies such as reading and kitting, and of course loves being with her family and friends. She has a Bachelor Degree in Health Sciences and a Diploma of Library and Information Services.

Keeping up with the 2015 Ned Kelly Submissions - Best First Crime

This year I've promised myself a red hot go at reading the entire submissions list for all 3 of the Ned Kelly Categories. Preferably before the 2016 Submissions List is released although there are days when I think I might have bitten off more than I can possibly chew. Still - getting there :)

Next up Best First Crime - which is looking better in terms of keeping up with the submitted books.