Rowena Holloway

Keeping up with the 2015 Ned Kelly Submissions - Best First Crime

This year I've promised myself a red hot go at reading the entire submissions list for all 3 of the Ned Kelly Categories. Preferably before the 2016 Submissions List is released although there are days when I think I might have bitten off more than I can possibly chew. Still - getting there :)

Next up Best First Crime - which is looking better in terms of keeping up with the submitted books.

Review - PIECES OF A LIE, Rowena Holloway

Author Information
Book Title: 
Pieces of a Lie
Author Name: 
Author's Home Country: 
Mina Everton
Crime Fiction
Sub Genre: 
Accidental Detective
Fractured Press
Year of Publication: 

Rowena Holloway

Author Information
Holloway, Rowena

Rowena Holloway is an Australian writer of novels and short stories. Before settling on writing as a career, Rowena apprenticed as a hairdresser, played at receptionist in an engineering firm, indulged her love of learning by obtaining a handful of degrees, including a PhD in business, and was a tenured university lecturer. All of which convinced her fiction writing was preferable to the real world. Rowena also tracks down leading authors and interviews them, and reviews fiction across a range of genres.