Matt Neal

Bay of Martyrs

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Crime Fiction

Clay Moloney, a cynical reporter with a regional Australian newspaper, is expecting an easy Sunday at work when the body of a young woman washes up at the Bay of Martyrs. The death is an inconvenience for Clay, who's content filing obituaries and re-writing government press releases on the new multi-million-dollar airport. But the more he digs into the Bay of Martyrs incident, the more he realises the girl's death is not a case of misadventure, despite what the police tell him.

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Matt Neal

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Neal, Matt

Matt Neal is an Australian journalist, musician and Rotten Tomatoes accredited film reviewer. He posts a song every few weeks on his blog Doc’s Anthology. He lives in Warrnambool with his wife and son but will probably be run out of town when this is published. Bay of Martyrs is his first book. Dedicated to Danni and Reggie – my two true.