Shattered Sky

Sisters in Crime@St Valentine’s Day: She Always Gets Her Man

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Bronwyn Parry
Cheryl Wright
Helene Young
Leigh Redhead
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As Darkness Falls
Dark Country
Darkening Skies
Running Scared
Wings of Fear
Shattered Sky
Burning Lies
Half Moon Bay
Fri, 02/14/2014 - 20:00
Three ‘romantic suspense’ authors – Bronwyn Parry, Cheryl Wright & Helene Young – cut to the chase on this famous day for lovers with fellow crime author Leigh Redhead. Romantic at heart but criminal in intent, they’ll talk about how their sleuths nab the bad guy as well as catching the good one.

Shattered Sky

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Crime Fiction

On a routine surveillance flight east of the Australian coast, Captain Lauren Bennett’s crew pick up a mayday call. A yacht is under fire. To the sex-slave traders, operating below the radar of both Border Watch and the Navy, sinking a pleasure craft is just a day’s work. 

Lauren has other ideas.

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Hachette Australia