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BELLA'S RUN - Margareta Osborn

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Bella's Run
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Rural Romance
Random House Australia
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Okay, I'm bowing to peer pressure. There's only so long you can work on somebody's website ( and watch the phenomena that has been BELLA'S RUN, before you just have a sneaking suspicion you might be missing out on something. Now I don't normally read romance, so I'm way outside my comfort zone here - but really everyone has been talking about this book!

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Excuse the celebrations - Margareta Osborn

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Excuse this small bit of personal indulgence, but it's been so exciting that I just have to say how excited and thrilled I am for Margareta Osborn.

Having been fortunate to work with Margareta on her website ( - which was the best fun - you can't imagine the thrill of knowing that her new book BELLA'S RUN - is selling like hotcakes.

Australian Rural Women Writers - upcoming books

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If you're interested in Australian Women Rural writers - then Margareta has listed some upcoming books on her new site:

Have a look and add the diary dates for new releases!