Michael Duffy

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Michael Duffy

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Duffy, Michael

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Michael Duffy reports for the Sydney Morning Herald on crime and other matters.  Previously he wrote for Sydney's other newspaper, the Daily Telegraph.  He has played in punk rock bands, written biographies of several Sydney characters, and is co-presenter of 'Counterpoint', Radio National's challenge to orthodox ideas. 

Currently Reading - The Simple Death, Michael Duffy

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The second Nicholas Troy book from Michael Duffy was released originally in January.  This looks like a bit of a doorstopper of a book, but it's very quick to read.  Follows on very closely from the action in THE TOWER, although I suspect you could read them out of order if you wanted to.

From the Blurb:

Q & A with Michael Duffy about THE TOWER

Before the questions and Michael's excellent answers, a quick note of thanks for his responses. 

AUSTCRIME:  The implication of a large, unfinished tower as a sort of a "blight on the landscape" was interesting.  In one way you've got a locked room mystery, in another it's a blank canvas.  Did you have something in particular in mind when you came up with the concept of The Tower?

THE TOWER - Michael Duffy

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The Tower
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Nicholas Troy
Crime Fiction
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Police Procedural
Allen & Unwin
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Currently Reading - The Tower, Michael Duffy

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It's always very pleasing to see a new local author popup on the shelves of the local bookshops, and Michael Duffy will be a name known already to many newspaper readers and listeners to Radio National.  It was particularly pleasing to find a previously unknown (to me at least) connection to The Saints'.  To hear The Tower's theme, The Saints' recording of Sydney crime song 'Water and Wine', go to http://www.cityofsharks.com

From the Blurb:


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