Estelle Blackburn

Broken Lives

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True Crime

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This riveting investigation into the life and untold crimes of Eric Edgar Cooke, the last man to hang in Western Australia, reveals new evidence to indicate that at least one innocent man, John Button, went to jail for one of Cooke's murders.

Hardie Grant
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Estelle Blackburn

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Blackburn, Estelle

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Estelle is a Perth journalist who spent six years researching and writing a book appropriately named "Broken Lives" which was published in 1999. Estelle exposed an injustice which led to the 2001 and 2005 exonerations of two men convicted of Perth killings in the '60s - the longest-standing convictions to be overturned in Australia. Her unfunded, determined sleuthing unearthed fresh evidence that prompted the Attorney General to allow the men new Appeals after they had lost a combined total of seven Appeals in the '60s.