After the Crash

The AustCrimeFiction Best of 2015

I'm mathematically challenged at the best of times, and never more so than when greeted by the need to come up with a "list" of a certain number. Okay so that's probably less to do with maths and more to do with a pathological hatred of arbitrary rules. So let's just go with this being the best of list of all the books (currently at 147 or so) that I was fortunate (in the main) to have read in 2015.

Review - AFTER THE CRASH, Michel Bussi

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After the Crash
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Crime Fiction
Orion Books
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Currently Reading - After the Crash, Michel Bussi

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4 days away from the day jobs (so will catch up with some emails etc next week) so I'm treating myself to something I've been wanting to read since it arrived.

From the Blurb:

On the night of 22 December 1980, a plane crashes on the Franco-Swiss border and is engulfed in flames. 168 out of 169 passengers are killed instantly. The miraculous sole survivor is a three-month-old baby girl. Two families, one rich, the other poor, step forward to claim her, sparking an investigation that will last for almost two decades. Is she Lyse-Rose or Emilie?