A Tropical Cure

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Darren Mangan
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Akrokka Publishing
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Crime Fiction
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Three bodies… three killers? 

A taxi driver disappears, his burnt-out cab the only evidence of his last stop. In the same desolate area, a body is found in the boot of a stolen car half-submerged in a muddy creek. It’s not the cab driver… 

Later, another body on the muddy bank of a river, throat cut and four fingers missing. Simon Rowe, bank manager, drug dealer, and a high-school friend of Darren Mangan… 

Darren’s dodgy mortgage deal, concocted by Simon, has been uncovered, and now Darren has to make restitution. Not to the bank but to a Melbourne crime syndicate. They want their money back, along with a missing kilo of cocaine, and they’ve sent a ‘specialist’ to sort it out. His trade name is Slice… 

As if Darren didn’t have enough problems already hunting bikie Eddie to avenge the murder of Cate Hawkins, now he is forced to sell his house and evade awkward questions from inquisitive indigenous cop Joel Shallowater. 

Then a vicious attack on Darren’s faithful cattle-dog, Patch, introduces him to beautiful veterinary nurse, Ruby, a young woman with a secret past… 

And the target wasn’t the dog, it was Darren. 

The chase has begun... But who is chasing who? 

Killing someone leaves a hole in your heart; sometimes you have to put it in someone else’s… 

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