Ned Kelly Awards 2017 Submissions List

All the submissions to the 2017 Ned Kelly Awards have just been announced and as usual, every year as the entries start to roll in, I start to fret about the ones I haven't had a chance to read yet - this year, needless to say is no different :) Check out the full list at: or follow the links below to those that somebody here have been lucky enough to review.

Best Fiction

Best First Fiction

True Crime

  • Busted, Keith Moor
  • Denny Day, Terry Smyth
  • Getting Away with Murder, Duncan McNab
  • Into the Darkness, Robin Bowles
  • Mayhem, Matthew Thompson
  • Mrs Kelly, Grantlee Kieza
  • Murder at Myall Creek, Mark Tedeschi
  • Planet Jackson, Brad Norington
  • Roger Rogerson, Duncan McNab
  • The Drowned Man, Brendan James Murray
  • The Ethics of Evil - Stories of H Division, Ray Mooney
  • The Good Cop, Justine Ford
  • The Last Dog on the Island, Steve Kelleher
  • The Squad, Yoni Bashan
  • To Hell And Back, Carolyn Pethick

Looks like quite a bit of catching up to do.

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