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A Life Worth Mentioning

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With little fanfare, some would say as little fanfare as he received in life, a report of the death of Eric Rolls appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald this week.  Not a crime fiction author, but an Australian author whose most well known book is probably 1981's A Million Wild Acres, the story of the conquest and destruction of the Australian Wilderness.   Another of his books "Citizens and Sojourners" has adorned the shelves in these parts for many years.  He was 84 years old.

Oh the Carnival is (NOT) over (with apologies to the Seekers)

Mary Saums has picked up the Carnival of the Criminal Minds across at Femmes Fatales this week.   In typical grand style, Mary points us to the fabulous and fantastic that has crossed her crime fiction path recently.  Wander over and follow the Carnival - it's proving to be a fantastic way of keeping up with the goings on.

Ian Rankin and Shane Maloney Chat

Yesterday we spent a very happy hour or so in the company of a lot of other people in the beautiful old Baptist Church in Collins Street in Melbourne, listening to Shane Maloney and Ian Rankin chat.

The session was organised by local bookstore Readers Feast, as part of their new Crime and Justice Festival - which Ian Rankin is the International Patron for.  This sounds like a fascinating and very exciting idea for a festival - combing crime fiction and issues of social justice.

Exit Music, Ian Rankin

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On holidays this week (or at least himself is, although having your head stuck in a fire prevention system making sure it's all working for a week might not be some people's idea of a holiday....) but one of the bonuses is that over the weekend I read EXIT MUSIC.

Stuff and Nonsense #2

There's something profoundly, fundamentally, deep down inside satisfying about a convergence of events that indicate a change of season.  First there's the baby Kookaburra's sort of wobbling their way up and down the branches of the big ghost gum at the end of the house; then you realise that the King Parrots are calling each other from the trees on either side of the garden - and you get a sneaking suspicion that some of those King Parrots look younger than others - so the babies have hatched.  The apple trees flower and leaf, the Yucca re-emerges from the ground and the self-sown tomato s

First Tuesday Book Club - The Big Sleep

Last night's First Tuesday Bookclub on the ABC discussed On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan and The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler - keep an eye on their website:  http://www.abc.net.au/tv/firsttuesday/ because you'll be able to watch the espisode online as soon as it's posted.

Next month they are looking at Ruth Rendell's Not In the Flesh.