Currently Reading - Surrender, Donna Malane

The first in the Diane Rowe series, read second of course. I think this might be my "thing". Never ever ever getting my act together well enoug to read a series in order.

From the Blurb:

"A detective as tough as the country she comes from..."

Missing persons expert Diane Rowe is used to making sense of other people's lives. It's just a pity she's not having much luck with her own.

The brutal murder of her little sister, Niki, and the break-up of her marriage have tested her usual tough optimism. When Niki's killer turns up dead, Diane is determined to nail the truth, despite the best efforts of her policeman ex-husband to sideline her.

But uncovering Niki's seedy past reveals truths and dangers she never expected, or wanted, to face. Diane is determined to make sense of it all - whatever it takes.

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