Currently Reading - The Silver Dagger, Jame McLean

About the only sort of housework that gets done on a semi-regular basis around here is the restacking and reorganising (and a tiny bit of dusting) of the book shelves, mostly in a vain attempt to claw back a little more space. Needless to say it's also not a bad idea as every now again you come across a book that you should have read... a long time ago. How embarrassment.

From the Blurb:

Be careful where you go and very careful who you cross, for sometimes the sun shines on even the darkest souls.

Meet the Silver Dagger ... and hell on earth.

Robert Carrana doesn't have much pity and he certainly has no compassion. What he does have is a passion for vengeance, a brutal heart and a list of those he wants to see dead.

Carved out of a hellish childhood and polished with unbelievable arrogance, he could well be the worst man alive.

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