Currently Reading - Reflection of Evil, Bridgette Powell

Right up front... very twitchy about this book.  I am no particular fan of woo woo so it's got to be very very well done for me to be comfortable.  But, when it works, I've had a few books which I did not expect to like, that turned out to be amongst my favourites. 

Apropos of nothing to do specifically with this book - got to say I'm working up a real dislike of PDF's disguising themselves as ebooks.  They aren't.  They don't scale, they really are a pain in the neck.  Especially as it's not hard to convert a manuscript to epub or similar, which then makes the reading experience much much better. 

Opening Paragraph:

With a gentle tug, the silk scarf covering her eyes fell away.  Her beaming smile froze clown like as she took in his malevolent expression.  Then she heard the humming emanating from the box at his feet. Innate fear paralysed her senses as she watched him reach down and unhinge the catch, releasing the myriad of frenzied and buzzing insects from captivity. The swarming mass burst forth in a dense, pulsating cloud.

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