Currently Reading - Lee, The Crime Factory

Something Andrew Nette mentioned in Bendigo a few weekends ago reminded me that I had this book on my tablet, and I'd started to read it and then got distracted. So now I'm very pleased to be revisiting some of the earlier stories, and finishing off the few I'd missed.

From the Blurb:

Lee Marvin: one of the most coolly charismatic and extraordinary screen tough guys ever. Armed with a magnetic personality, a wild temper and major acting talent, he went from playing bit parts to starring in classics such as Cat Ballou, The Dirty Dozen and Point Blank, and winning an Academy Award.
Crime Factory celebrates Marvin’s life by making him the star of his own fictional adventures. From WWII hospital ships, mishaps in Mexico, the open seas and Oscar night, to on-set stoushes and much more, LEE ranges from the gleefully gonzo to the painfully personal.

Buy it in print here:

With an intro by Mike White, and fiction by Scott Phillips, Heath Lowrance, Roger Smith, Johnny Shaw, Jenna Bass, Adrian McKinty, Jake Hinkson, Ray Banks, James Hopwood, Erik Lundy, Eric Beetner, Luke Preston, Nigel Bird, Ryan K. Lindsay, Andrew Nette, Cameron Ashley and Jimmy Callaway.

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