Currently Reading - The Exit, Helen Fitzgerald

It looks like in order to get a reasonable number of books read, you also need to have a very busy weekend. It felt a bit like Spencer Street Station here this weekend which you'd normally think not conducive to much reading - but got a lot done. Must of been sitting down waiting for the next group to drop in :)

From the Blurb:

Some people love goodbyes...

23-year-old Catherine is mainly interested in Facebook and flirting, but she reluctantly takes a job at a local care home after her mother puts her foot down - and soon discovers that her new workplace contains many secrets. One of the residents at the home, 82-year-old Rose, is convinced that something sinister is going on in Room 7 and that her own life is under threat. But Rose has dementia - so what does she actually know, and who would believe her anyway? As Catherine starts investigating Rose's allegations, terrible revelations surface about everyone involved. Can Catherine find out what's really going on?

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