Currently Reading - Dead Bishop's Don't Lie, Andre K Baby

Just realised that the entry for this book went missing a bit when I switched over sites a few minutes ago....

From the Blurb:

Saas Fee ski resort, Switzerland, 7.00 am March 6, 2005

A group of skiers find themselves staring in horror at the half- naked body of a man, his outstretched arms tied crucifixion-like to the cable of the Alpin Express cable car. The victim is later identified as the outspoken, controversial Monsignor Antoine Salvador, Archbishop of Lyon.

Personal vendetta or the beginning of sectarian violence? The Swiss police are baffled by this grisly crime and call Interpol for help. Thierry Dulac, a caustic inspector with an enviable track record, gets the nod.

Dulac has barely begun his investigation when the assassins strike again: the body of Monsignor Alberto Conti, Archbishop of Milan, is found hanging from a pergola near Stresa, Italy. The assassins’ message is clear: there will be more deaths.

In his race against the clock, Dulac’s search for the killers takes him from the hushed corridors of the Vatican and quiet luxury of a British marchioness’s château, to the dank prison cells of Moscow’s infamous Lubyanka prison. Struggling through a labyrinth of cover-ups and Vatican intrigues, Dulac discovers an astounding, unlikely conspiracy fueled by dirty money, blackmail and deadly ambition. He’s just realized the enormity of what he’s learned when a hit-man strafes the windshield of his Renault...

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