CR - Severed Past, Anthony R Jansen

Debut book from an author with an interesting background for this sort of writing :)

From the Blurb:

A car crash fourteen years ago.
The result — amnesia.
A terrible accident … or was it?

Since that fateful day, computer expert David Hayes has been consumed by his need to learn more about his past. Frustrated at every turn, his search seems destined to fail until the sudden arrival of a photograph from his past — a photograph that shatters everything.

With his past revealed as a lie, the photograph becomes David’s only lead in uncovering his true identity. But as David’s hunt for answers takes him across Europe, a hidden adversary is already moving against him. For the truth involves the Company and its chief of security, Eva. Driven by her own demons, she will stop at nothing to ensure the Company’s secrets remain hidden. For Eva, the stakes are personal.

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