CR - The Icon Murders, Noel Mealey

Second book in the Syd Fielding series, the first of which showed quite a bit of promise, so this should be interesting.

From the Blurb:

A spate of vicious, brutal murders around Australia has police puzzled, until Detective Syd Fielding, now head of a national drug prevention squad, finds the link that draws them together. The problem is, the link appears to be him.

Syd′s always been a loose cannon, with a very personal sense of justice and this time even his closest friends and allies cannot be sure of his innocence. Could he be hunting down and killing his childhood abusers, or is he being framed? And by whom?

As the evidence mounts against him, Syd is lured into a dangerous web of drugs, sex and politics as he fights to clear his name.

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