CR - Harry Curry Rats and Mice, Stuart Littlemore

For review at http://www.newtownreviewofbooks - the third Harry Curry book from Stuart Littlemore - these are marginally crime in the way that Rumpole is crime. Not that I'm saying that these compare, but they are certainly of a similar sentiment.

From the Blurb:

The irreverent Harry Curry and beauteous Arabella Engineer are back in a new suite of legal misadventures and relationship jousts.

In this thrilling instalment of Stuart Littlemore's incisive crime collection, Harry and Arabella face the complication of childbirth and the threat of its impact on their lively legal careers. Aravella's establishing herself at the lucrative end of civil litigation, but Harry's still practising in South Coast isolation, making the most of a spate of 'rats-and-mice' cases - the bottom of the courthouse barrel: forest protestors, a new Ferrari on the loose and law students attacking a multinational. There's yabbying, a spot of rural cricket and, most momentously, some mother-in-law wrangling, while the rakish legal scion struggles to keep his professional and personal life from veering into chaos, or worse yet, monotony.

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