CR - Dark Horse, Honey Brown

There are some authors whose books arrive and I find myself torn. Between being desperately keen to read and being ever so slightly too scared to read. Add to that a beautiful big black mare as an integral part of the opening scenes and I will confess to being slightly worried / slightly apprehensive. To be reviewed at Newtown Review of Books.

From the Blurb:

It's Christmas morning on the edge of the rugged Mortimer Ranges. Sarah Barnard saddles Tansy, her black mare. She is heading for the bush, escaping the reality of her broken marriage and her bankrupted trail-riding business.

Sarah seeks solace in the ranges. When a flash flood traps her on Devil Mountain, she heads to higher ground, taking shelter in Hangman's Hut.

She settles in to wait out Christmas.

A man, a lone bushwalker, arrives. Heath is charming, capable, handsome. But his story doesn't ring true. Why is he deep in the wilderness without any gear? Where is his vehicle? What's driving his resistance towards rescue? The closer they become the more her suspicions grow.

But to get off Devil Mountain alive, Sarah must engage in this secretive stranger's dangerous game of intimacy.

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