#amreading Presumed Guilty, Mark McGinn

Started reading this legal based thriller over the weekend.

From the Blurb:

When feisty lawyer Sasha Stace secures the acquittal of a sleazy politician charged with rape, it’s one legal victory too many. Disillusioned, she looks to the High Court bench for more fulfillment. But before she can become a judge, there’s one more criminal defense – a trial with complications, a trial like no other. 

The man arrested for murder is her former lover, the lawyer seeking Sasha’s help in the case is the daughter she gave up for adoption over thirty years ago and the ambitious, grudge-holding prosecutor is closely connected to an attorney general who does not want her involved. 

In Presumed Guilty, Mark McGinn continues to delight his fans with scintillating courtroom scenes, memorable characters and ingenious plot twists that keep the pulse racing and the pages turning until the end. 

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