2009 Ned Kelly Winners

Thank you very very much to Perry from Matilda who was at Friday night's Ned Kelly awards and kindly let me know the winners:

THE TALL MAN by Chloe Hooper

First Fiction

Article on Shane Maloney's Ned Kelly Lifetime Achievement Award last night

Author Name: 

Article from Jason Steger in today's Age about Shane's award which was presented at last nights Ned Kelly Awards.

We'll have to keep an eye on the Ned Kelly site for a list of winners from last night as we're not bothering with MWF events this year.

Currently Reading - Death and the Running Patterer, Robin Adair

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This book won the Pengin Most Wanted Competition recently - it's got a most unusual central protagonist and is set in Colonial 1880's Sydney.

From the Blurb:

One of the convict colony's soldiers has been murdered and Governor Ralph Darling is not pleased.

Scarlet Stiletto's 2009 Entries Close on Monday 31st August

All you aspiring female writers out there, don't forget that entries for the 2009 Scarlett Stiletto's presented by the Sisters in Crime finishes on Monday 31st August.

For a wonderful article on the history of the Stiletto Awards read Meg Vann's interview with Carmel Shute here:

For entry details to the competition see:

Currently Reading - The Tall Man, Chloe Hooper

Book Title: 
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To be brutally honest, this is one of those books that I've known I should have read, and yet I've been very very leery of doing so.  The subject matter is uncomfortable, the events confronting.

It's not good enough to shy away because the truth is uncomfortable.

From the Blurb:

Currently Reading - Angels Unaware, Mike Ripley

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I recently had to spend a bit of fill in time waiting for a car service to be completed, so I spent some time in the library.  And started reading this book.  It seemed churlish not to borrow it, but I've not had time to finish it since.  So now I am.

From the Blurb:

Roy Angel is not a man for paperwork.  He's never completed a risk assessment form in his life.  NOw he's wishing he had - his life could depend on it ...

Opening Lines:

2009 Davitt Award Winners

At a fantastic night out and ceremony last night the Sisters in Crime 2009 Davitt Award winners were announced, wined, dined, feted and photographed. 

The nights festivities were highlighted by a chat between Sue Turnbull and Justice Elizabeth King of the Supreme Court of Victoria, some fabulous food and 130+ Sisters in Crime and Brothers in Law turning out on a cold Melbourne night to celebrate some absolutely fantastic authors and books.

But without further ado - the winners of the categories in the order they were announced:


Crime & Justice Festival - July 2009

Well it's a month since the Crime & Justice festival and I've decided to stop saying I'm running late in the occasional paltry commentary on things and just say I'm not going to be rushed into anything.

But we were lucky enough to spend the weekend at the 2nd Crime & Justice Festival put on by Readers Feast bookshop.

What a great little festival it's shaping up to be.

Concentrating on crime fiction and crime / justice issues, there was another wonderful guest lineup this year, and it was very gratifying to see an increase in the number of participants.

Cold Justice by Katherine Howell - new release date

Book Title: 
Author Name: 

Katherine has just let me know that her third book - Cold Justice, has been pushed back to a new release date of February 2010.  Darn - that makes the wait just that little bit longer for those of us who are really hanging out for the next instalment from this great Australian author.

Stil - February, summer, hot, no excuse not to sit quietly and read a good book!


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