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I’m an author who lives and works in the Dandenong Ranges, on the eastern edge of Melbourne Australia.

I take one day at a time but occasionally I’m attacked by several days at once.

My amazing wife and I have lived in The Hills for forty years.

My favourite colour is green and so is my favourite car.

I started my working life as a Primary School Teacher in the early 1970s.

Since then I have been a stained glass craftsman, furniture restorer, restorer of Player Pianos and music rolls, author (one book so far another on the way), photographer, basketball trading card manufacturer, basketball coach, basketball player, basketball referee, part-time shop assistant, newspaper columnist, homeschool dad, husband, father, grandfather, and a few other bits and pieces, and not in this order.

I’m fascinated by people, but I prefer the company of dogs.

I’m not frightened of dying, but sometimes life scares the hell out of me.

I think that birds are cool but I don’t believe that they spend any time thinking about me, even though I give them lots of stale bread, and the occasional pizza crust........ ungrateful bastards!

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