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New Zealand
Review by: Karen
If you've not read any of the earlier books, ONLY THE DEAD would still work. It is definitely the book where this series starts to make it's mark. Although you do have to feel a bit sorry for tourist authorities in these sorts of locations. There's enough realism here to make you wonder what they're not telling you about "the City of Sails".
United Kingdom, Philippines
Review by: Robert Goodman
The Forever Watch is first and foremost a fabulous piece of world building. Ramirez manages to successfully juggle a number of science fiction standards and produce something startlingly original.
Review by: Karen
Never preachy, often funny, and cleverly balancing investigation, personal and teenage challenges, EVERY BREATH is an elegant novel.
New Zealand
Review by: Karen
Definitely a great series for fans of something slightly lighter, yet not completely cozy and fluffy, MY BROTHER'S KEEPER is a really enjoyable outing which doesn't seem to suffer from not having read the earlier book.
United Kingdom
Review by: Robert Goodman
Italy is fertile ground for crime fiction. With the mafia, political shenanigans and corruption often making international headlines. In addition, it is a beautiful and colourful place with fabulous locations for nefarious acts.
New Zealand
Review by: Karen
CROSS FINGERS is from the more thoughtful end of the thriller, investigative spectrum. Looking backwards into history might take away the immediacy of a threat, but it does give this author a chance to look at history ...
Review by: Karen
The sequel to Robert Schofield's debut, Heist, is here at last. MARBLE BAR picks up the life, and trials of mining engineer and extremely reluctant hero Gareth Ford a year or so after he was framed for the multi-million dollar Gwardar Gold Mine heist.
New Zealand
Review by: Karen
From the author of Once Were Warriors, FREDERICK'S COAT is equally as surprising, challenging, moving and profoundly affecting.
New Zealand
Review by: Karen
Having never heard of the Wiki Coffin series before, THE BECKONING ICE was an opportunity to read some historical crime fiction from New Zealand that doesn't come along all that often.
Review by: Karen
FRACTURED is a thriller entry in the expanding local sub-genre of books that look very close to home. Set as close to home as possible, it's the story of Anna, her husband Tony and their baby son Jack.
Review by: Karen
Written with the distinct feeling of a movie treatment RUN TO ME takes the story of a young boy in extreme danger, and combines that with a woman traumatised and stigmatised by the death of her own young boy.
Review by: Karen
A debut crime novel from Australia, THE FINGERPRINT THIEF is written with the focus on the forensic technician. Not that surprising given the "CSI Effect" that so many people talk about these days.
Review by: Karen
The preoccupation for Scandinavian crime fiction of many readers is sometimes questioned. One response is to get people to read Karin Fossum's Inspector Konrad Sejer series.
Review by: Karen
Ever read a book that you know you should just absolutely love, and yet somehow you're not quite getting it. It's a bit like that feeling you get when you're invited to a party and show up in fancy dress only to realise that you'd muddled up the invitations.
Review by: Karen
Something about STRAIGHT JACKET could make some readers a little uncomfortable.
Review by: Karen
It's great to see police procedurals set in rural Australia that don't assume that everything's sinister and vaguely barking mad, and that reflects some of the dry humour, and resilience of both the cops and the locals.
Review by: Karen
Melbourne in the late 1980s, and journalist Peter Clancy is working for The Truth. Which, for those of us who were around in those days, in that place, conjures up a very clear vision. Booze, coffee, dodgy goings on and journalism from the... well extreme-tabloid end of the scale.
Review by: Karen
Big, brave trilogy which somehow doesn't hit enough marks.
Review by: Karen would probably be preferable if you read the first books in the series before tackling A MORBID HABIT. Which should be no trial whatsoever.
Review by: Karen
Are you allowed to write reviews that just say "WOW"? No, well okay - an explanation of why "wow".

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Currently Reading - Life or Death, Michael Robotham
I'd intended on doing a lot of work around the farm this weekend. Didn't. Read this instead (if you're noticing this Michael - read EVERY word :) )
Currently Reading - The Peculiar Case of the Electric Constable, Carol Baxter
The electrifying story of a criminal Quaker, a poisoned mistress, and the dawn of the information age in Victorian England.
2014 Ned Kelly Awards
2014 Ned Kelly Shortlist was announced by ACWA tonight at the Bendigo Writers Festival
Currently Reading - OxCrimes, introduced by Ian Rankin
A project for Oxfam, OxCrimes is a collection of short stories from some of the very best crime fiction writers.
Currently Reading & Cometh the Mini Series - The Mandarin Code, Steve Lewis & Chris Uhlmann
Follow up to The Marmalade Files, this book comes with some very good news.
Celebrating the 2014 Ngaio Marsh Awards with a giveaway for readers / supporters
The Ngaio Marsh Award are running a competition where readers around the world can go into the draw to win a personally signed copy of the eventual NM Award-winning novel. There are no geographic limits on the prize.
Shortlist for the 2014 Ngaio Marsh Awards announced
FOUR OUTSTANDING novels have been announced as the finalists for the 2014 Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel, which will be presented on 30 August following The Great New Zealand Crime Debate event at the WORD Christchurch Writers & Readers Festival.
Currently Reading - Only the Dead, Ben Sanders
So far I've read the second and now this - the third Sean Devereaux novel from NZ author Ben Sanders.
Currently Reading - Marble Bar, Robert Schofield
I will admit to having been looking forward to this book immensely. So no pressure...
Currently Reading - The Luminaries, Eleanor Catton
Not going to pretend that the sheer size of this is not making it a rather daunting undertaking.
Currently Reading - Joe Victim, Paul Cleave
The Cleaner absolutely blew me away, and Joe Victim is a follow up to that book. Sounds good to me :)
Currently Reading - Where the Dead Men Go, Liam McIlvanney
Honestly, it does not matter how many books you read in the world, there always seems to be more that you should have read. Somehow I missed the first in this series so have some catching up to do.
Currently Reading - Cross Fingers, Paddy Richardson
I've been very remiss with Paddy Richardson's books - I have quite a few of them in the shaky Mt TBR which obviously needs a darn good re-prioritising.
Currently Reading - My Brother's Keeper, Donna Malane
It's been cold in these parts - so a good weekend for some reading.
Currently Reading - Fractured, Dawn Barker
Spent last night chasing bulls, ducks and geese around in circles in the dark and the rain - so it was a relief to get back inside, in front of the fire and read something that is actually much better than the blurb indicates.
Currently Reading - RUN TO ME, Diane Hester
Debut thriller from Australian based, New York born former violinist Diane Hester who now lives in Port Lincoln. Quite a bio :)
Currently Reading - The Purifier, Richard Osborn
An Australian thriller series of three books, The Purifier is the opening salvo.
Currently Reading - Frederick's Coat, Alan Duff
It is always a good weekend when you get to dip into something unexpected from New Zealand.
Currently Reading - Every Breath, Ellie Marney
Over the weekend I managed to get some reading done for a change.. thankfully the bull stayed in his paddock, the cats didn't attempt any escape routines and the Guinea Fowl (mostly) stopped chasing the chooks around in circles. Don't ask what the sheep did - you can't win all of them.
Currently Reading - The Beckoning Ice, Joan Druett
First for me, but fifth in the Wiki Coffin series, it's always a huge pleasure to get my hands on a book from New Zealand.
Currently Reading - Straight Jacket, Adrian Deans
From the "started this over the long weekend" list - loving the sense of humour in this book.
Currently Reading - Be Your Own Hero, Andy Burley
The good part about long weekends is a chance to do some reading catch up - and I've been trying to get this book to the top of the stack for ages now.
Currently Reading - The Murder of Harriet Krohn, Karin Fossum
A break from local reading to catch up with a brilliant series.
Currently Reading - The Weaver Fish, Robert Edeson
I've no idea how to describe this one, except to say I've been champing at the bit to get to read it.
Currently Reading - KUNDELA, Terry L Probert
Debut book from a local author set in South Australian farming country.
Currently Reading - The Fingerprint Thief, Carolyn Beasley
Debut book looking at crime from the forensic technician's point of view - with a twist.
Currently Reading - Thornydevils, T.W. Lawless
Have to admit that the references right at the start to the Truth Newspaper had me smiling.
Currently Reading - St Kilda Blues by Geoffrey McGeachin
The third in the Charlie Berlin series, which has been a) much anticipated and b) a one weekend read.
Currently Reading - No Witness, No Case - Bill Robertson
A new book from local author and ex-cop Bill Robertson - set in Melbourne and Heathcote. The area around Bendigo seems to be becoming crime fiction central in this state.