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Collection of teasers of Edgar Award Winning novels that left me with a bigger Mt TBR list than when I started...
A novella in length, RONNIE AND RITA punches far above it's weight. A poignant and clever combination of sadness and tension, manipulation and desire, right from the beginning there's no way of avoiding the sense of impending disaster.
United States, United Kingdom
Originally published in 1935, DEATH-WATCH is the fifth book in the Dr Gideon Fell series by "golden-age" writer John Dickson Carr.
The Thief
Brief but beautifully evocative, sparse yet hugely informative, THE THIEF is another example of Japanese noir sensibility.
United Kingdom
In THE TRUTH WILL OUT, author Jane Isaac has created the beginnings of a classic British police procedural series.
United Kingdom
The second book in the Kiszka and Kershaw series set within the Polish community in London, DEATH CAN'T TAKE A JOKE has been a much anticipated arrival, which does not disappoint.
United Kingdom
This is an unusually styled novel, focusing on the 30 year friendship between cop John McDaid and Francis, cabinetmaker, footballer and father of Patrick who was bashed to death one night.
Reviewed for Newtown Review of books:
Immediately you'd have to wonder what on earth this reader would be doing even attempting a book like THE ROOK - an urban fantasy thriller. With paranormal aspects, and spies, and something about world domination.
It's hard not to admire the bravery of an author that opts to write a crime novel in a strong, first person voice.
CINDERELLA GIRL is the second Conny Sjøberg book from Swedish author Carin Gerhardsen, the English title of the first book being THE GINGERBREAD HOUSE. Having missed that one when it came out in the middle of 2013, there's some catching up required.
Hong Kong
THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN MIND certainly served up something very unexpected, and not exactly one out of the mould when it comes to thrillers, leaving this reader with a wishlist that now includes the earlier book in the series.
ONE STEP TOO FAR is one of those books that make you think you need a new "category". One that emphasises the number of clues that were there, right under your nose, that you missed because you were too busy turning pages.
United Kingdom
Normally I'm avoiding post-apocalyptic scenarios like the plague they are often employing. There is, however, absolutely no way in this world that I'm going to miss anything written by Louise Welsh ...
The way that 8 HOURS TO DIE twists and turns right to the last page reminded me, yet again, of just how much I love J.R. Carroll's writing
Having not read any of the Vin Cooper series this started out as an exercise in seeing if I could catch up in a hurry.
Wendy James has once more taken a close up, and uncomfortable look at the reality of family secrets. Something that she's not only specialising in, she's particularly good at into the bargain.
THE TRAIN RIDER is book three featuring Darian Richards - ex-cop, now vigilante walking a very fine line between right and wrong. He's also a violent, psychotic killer magnet.
The first book in this series promised much, but BEAMS FALLING delivers so so much more.
These are great stories, featuring really good characters, with a particularly strong feeling of both time and place. Needless to say, THE SCENT OF MURDER is an outstanding example of what's really really good about Australian crime writing.

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Author Talk - Shane Maloney
Author Talk - Shane Maloney -Frankston Library, 60 Playne St, Frankston, 3199
Currently Reading - Ronnie and Rita, Deborah Sheldon
Novella length crime fiction that is punching way way above it's length.
Currently Reading - The Tainted Trial of Farah Jama, Julie Szego
True Crime book analysing the trial and conviction of a young man for rape, based on one piece of evidence only - a DNA sample.
Currently Reading - Trinity, M.M. Rochford
I'm currently slightly obsessed with Elgar's Violin Concerto in B Minor, Op. 61 - have now got so many versions of it that I'm having trouble deciding which one I like the best.
Currently Reading - Death-Watch, John Dickson Carr
The 5th Gideon Fell mystery, re-released by Open Road Media - originally written in 1935.
Currently Reading - The Thief, Fuminori Nakamura
I was browsing through ebook stores last night. Shouldn't have done this but saw this and realised I'd not read it yet.
Currently Reading - The Truth Will Out, Jane Isaac
Debut British Police Procedural - due for release 1st April.
Currently Reading - Who Killed Scott Guy?, Mike White
Flagged as the case that gripped a nation, it's not one that I'd heard of on this side of the ditch, before starting this book. Seems like a very sad series of events all round.
Great News about the Charlie Berlin series from Geoffrey McGeachin
The third Charlie Berlin story from dual Ned Kelly Award winner Geoffrey McGeachin, St Kilda Blues, will be published by Penguin in June.
Currently Reading - Death Can't Take a Joke, Anya Lipska
The second book featuring DC Nat Kershaw and PI Janusz Kiszka, I've been looking very forward to this one.
Currently Reading - The Cabinetmaker, Alan Jones
Supplied by the author, this ebook has a very intriguing blurb.
Currently Reading - No One Knows You're Here, Rachel Howzell
A random choice to try a new to me author.
(Re)Launch - Murder in the Telephone Exchange by June Wright
The (re)Launch of June Wright's Murder in the Telephone Exchange will be at 4pm on Sunday 27th April at the Sun Theatre, 10 Ballarat Street Yarraville, Melbourne
Currently Reading - Deserving Death, Katherine Howell
Very pleased to be reading the 7th book from Katherine Howell for review at
Currently Reading - Tears of the Giraffe, Alexander McCall Smith
Went to see Alexander McCall Smith in conversation with Robert Gott on Friday night and got an immediate urge for a re-read (first book is on loan to a friend who joined us there).
CR - Cinderella Girl, Carin Gerhardsen
Reading The Cinderella Girl by Carin Gehardsen, a new to me author, whilst listening to Johan Helmich Roman's Keyboard Suites because it seemed appropriate.
One Step Too Far, Tina Seskis
Another one of those why, what style books - no obvious crime up front - interesting.
Currently Reading - 8 Hours to Die, J.R. Carroll
Really really really really really pleased to have a new book from J.R. Carroll. Really pleased...
CR - The Man With the Golden Mind, Tom Vater
Unusual combination this - couldn't resist a peak :)
CR - Eeny Meeny, M.J. Arlidge
Doing a serious amount of reading catching up over the weekend. Well around moving pigs, moving chicks, cleaning out brooders, chasing the guinea fowl over the fence and carting around a very elderly dog....
CR - The Lost Girls, Wendy James
The latest book from Wendy James takes the reader back into that closed world of family relationships that this author delves into frequently.
CR - Murder in the Telephone Exchange, June Wright
Really enjoying this revisit of a classic book originally published in 1948.
CR - Standoff, David Rollins
Feeling a little bit guilty about the fact that we got through this dreadful weekend unscathed - I've spent most of the time listening to the scanner, wondering why on earth people think websites are the way to go with this sort of emergency level, and reading.
CR - The Train Rider, Tony Cavanaugh
The third of the Darian Richards books by Tony Cavanaugh is due out later in February.
CR - The Scent of Murder, Felicity Young
Third book in the extremely excellent Dr Dody McCleland series which combines strong plots, good characters, a touch of romantic attraction and a good strong dose of the reality of life for women in the Suffragette era.
CR - In The Morning I'll Be Gone, Adrian McKinty
Bittersweet this one - I've so been looking forward to the final Sean Duffy book, and now it's hear and I've read it. What next?
CR - A Lovely Way to Burn, Louise Welsh
I'd read just anything that Louise Welsh writes ... even post-apocalyptic, end of world stuff!
This is one of the more anticipated novels of the year. Along with quite a few others obviously. I'm an omnivorous reader obviously.
CR - Beams Falling, P.M. Newton
The much anticipated and long awaited follow up to The Old School, due to be released at the end of February - but I have zero impulse control sometimes.
CR - Monkey Business, Kathryn Ledson
Continuing my "Australia Day" local reading... as opposed to my everyday local reading ... ;)